Thursday, June 13, 2013

How NSA Could get so smart

Modern Computing is helping  accurately parse vast amounts of data in a matter of minutes.

Technology can broken down in three categories

Database systems:
Relation databases are limited to stroing strings of words such as that found in an email or text message. They are unable to handle pictures or videos.

NoSQL databases  can make a huge difference  to companies analyzing very large data sets.

Time is generally reduced from 6 hours to 30 seconds.

Natural Language Processing:

Natural Language processing and machine learning rely on the computer programs themselves to find patterns and even elucidate  te meaning of ambiguous words based on context.


allow queries to be split up by the the program.Different analytic tasks are distributed among scads of inexpensive server each of which  solves a part of the puzzle , before reassembling the queries when the work is completed.
The ability to distribute complex queries to a large number of inexpensive computers helps people to get very responses t complicated questions with a large number of variables.