Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Healthcare KPIs


1.Effective Treatment of Patients
2. Reimbursement for Treatments
3. Reduction of Administrative Cost
4. Effective record and Track Medical’s History
5. Efficient Management of Health Care delivery Schedules for practitioner

Sample KPIs for Health care Industry
1. Average Length of Stay
2. Maintained Bed Occupancy
3. FTE’s per adjusted occupied bed
4. Case-mix Index
5. Monthly Surgical Cases(Inpatient and Outpatient)
6. Inpatient and Outpatient revenues
7. Cost per adjusted Patient day(Inpatient and Outpatient)
8. Percentage of Revenue from Charitable Sources
9. Revenue and Expense per Physician
10. Margin per Department
11. Admitting-process performance

There are also performance metrics that can be used as benchmarks for tracking performance. These can be broken down into categories, such as :-
Emergency Room
1. Door to Provider Time
2. Admission to Provider Time
3. Length of Stay
4. Wait Time for Ambulances
5. Throughput(Urgent/Non-Urgent)
6. Triage to Initial Assessment
7. Bed Turnover
8. Staff Applied to Each Type of Patient
9. Type of Cases

Operating Room
1.Utilization Rates
2.Customer Satisfaction
3.Wait Time
4.Quality of Physicians
6.Food Taste

Learning and Growth
1.Licenses Udates
2.Continuing Physicians Credentials

Interaction with Patients

Revenue indicators
1.Outpatient Revenues to Total Revenues
2.Patient Deductions
3.Medicare Inpatient Payer Mix
4.Medicare Outpatient Payer Mix
5.Medicare Outpatient Cost to Charge
6.Medicare Revenue per Day

Cost Indicators
1. Salaries to Total Expenses
2. Average Age of Plan
3. FTEs per Adjusted Occupied Bed

Utilization Indicators
1. Average Daily Census Swing – SNF Beds(Skilled Nursing Facility)
2. Average Daily Census Acute Beds

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